Lola the Vamp

An icon in the making

Jezebel, Lola The Vamp and Desert Blues Cartel

Lola is one of the world's most recognised burlesque performers, with a string of signature acts that have danced on stages worldwide, as headliner of the USA's groundbreaking Tease-o-rama show, as a Penthouse Pet and as the darling of the European Festival circuit. She has posed for Australia's Archibald prize, supported Nick Cave and Grinderman on their Australian tour, appeared in numerous music videos (Tim Rogers, Soma Rasa, Desert Blues Cartel) and media profiles (Men's Style, Penthouse, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, San Francisco Chronicle, IndieBerlin, Getaway, Channel V and many more)

Lola's influences are a few decades older than most Nouveau Burlesque goddesses, with her showgirl's heart set firmly in Belle Epoque Paris and Art Nouveau. Lola The Vamp lives at the crossroads of Parisian Cabaret and American Striptease. Her unique shows set her apart from just about every event in which she performs, from the UK to Sydney to Hollywood, leaving an indelible impression of classic aesthetics, yet her own unique showgirl style.

Her shows famously -in the the major books of the new burlesque era - feature highly referenced sets that take flights of fancy from departure points like the Russian Firebird ballet, or Loie Fuller's iconic art nouveau Serpentine Dance, but it is in her face that much more of these references are truly revealed. A flash of Marilyn Monroe's innocent gasp 'both playful and hypnotic' (The Age) or a walk like Leslie Caron - her toe extends, finds a firm footing, and the rest of the leg extends elegantly to the floor. This heady combination comes together with 'a highly developed aesthetic and a sly wit' (The Age)

Her props and costumes are second to none, whether dancing in a mere string of real sea pearls or in an elegant arabesque against a pearlescent unicorn, you are assured of the most elegant and sensual show, the most gorgeous jazz music and the best performance this side of 1890! Her shows present cutting-edge spectacle and decadence. Many of her shows are available only at her subscriber site You will also find archival material from her previous tours, photo sets and previously unreleased material.

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